Thursday, 10 April 2014

Art is theft

Art is theft. The aesthetic experience of art is trophyism. Trophyism is the pleasure of surveying stolen goods. Art continues through the sponsorship of other legal thefts, gambling and the state lottery.

Art swims in blood. The blood is the blood of the culture whose artefacts have been torn from its heart, stolen from the traditions and values that gave them meaning.

Art museums are the butcher's shop of culture. Critics dismember culture on their slab and display its still-twitching artefacts in their galleries.

The art critic is The Great Urinator. His mark is called western art and is cast over culture itself. Noses are lifted, for the mark is assessment. Assessed goods, or loot, are sold to the adulating who adorn their homes with micturated cultural counterfeits.

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